Animal Shootings in Montserrat

By law the Government of Montserrat can control domestic animals by shooting. The Department of Agriculture has a group of officers, called animal wardens, who in a pickup truck armed with shot guns, patrol Montserrat. These guys are empowered to shoot any animal that they regard being loose or otherwise bothersome. There is no provision that animal owners have to be identified or informed before an animal is being shot.

We have started a campaign to stop this practice. In Montserrat, we have a petition circulating. Anybody who wants to support us from the outside should write or send an e-mail to our Minister of Agriculture and a copy of it to Montserrat's Governor. This is the text of our petition:

We urge the Government of Montserrat to change existing laws and procedures to comply with the above principles.

I think it is embarrassing that such atrocities are allowed in a British Crown Colony!!!!


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