Map of Montserrat

This is a modified version of the map published by the Montserrat Tourist Board
in their "Holiday Montserrat Brochure."
The areas destroyed by lava flows from the dome of the Soufriere Hills Volcano are marked. The dive sites and
landmarks mentioned in the text on Montserrat's dive sites are indicated in clear fields in the northern part of the island.
The border of the exclusion zone is from 1999. Recently, the former "day time entry zone" (the area marked by the dotted line which contains the hamlets of Elberton and Weekses) has been opened for re-occupation.
Up to date information on the exclusion zone and the status of the volcano can be obtained from the Montserrat Volcano Observatory.
A space photograph of Montserrat taken in July 2001 shows the actual extend of the lava flows.


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