The Seawolf Animal Center

The Seawolf Animal Center was founded after the resident Veterinary surgeon had left the island. Nobody has been on the island to look after sick animals. Well, Wolf has been a veterinary surgeon and Inge an anesthesiologist. We started the additional venture 1997. Diving was somewhat reduced anyhow because of all the negative publicity we got from the volcano.

We provide all the necessary services to keep pets, goats, sheep, cows, or horses healthy. So, if you want to visit Montserrat with your pooch or cat, their medical needs are taken care of. To bring your animal to the island you need a valid rabies vaccination and a health certificate from your local veterinary surgeon. You must contact our Department of Agriculture before you travel (Department of Agriculture, Government of Montserrat, Montserrat West Indies.

Our Pet Shop sells a variety of pet supplies and medicines.

We are also trying to improve the living conditions for animals in Montserrat.

Like in most Caribbean Islands many people have little concern for the needs of domestic animals. We see a lot of cruelty towards animals, mostly due to lack of knowledge about the needs of the creatures. Most Governments in the region do not consider it important to enforce laws that protect animals. In many cases, like in Montserrat, an animal protection law is not existing. The Government of this British Colony is committing cruelties towards animals on a regular basis. Presently we have a campaign to convince our Government to stop the practice of shooting of domestic animals. If you want to read more about this campaign please click here.

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